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The current belief is that direct mail has minimal impact and that digital marketing will soon negate the need for any paper based, direct marketing. There has been a steady decline in direct mail marketing campaigns, however, research indicates a different picture.

An effective marketing campaign should include avenues that touch a customer across multiple channels. This will increase top-of-mind knowledge of your company and brand. The research indicates that direct mail is on the most effective and cheaper marketing strategies. The following benefits are known to impact on your businesses success.

High Conversion Rate – in the area of digital overload, consumers are moving back to the tactile touch of letters.

Flexibility – direct mail is flexible in that it can serve a variety of different goals. It can be used as an invitation or short term promotional tool, like in the form of a coupon or sales collateral. This would be an excellent approach for a new company that is looking to drive initial use or generate quick revenue. However, this type of direct mail is not a long term sustainable approach for your marketing campaigns

Advertising – Direct mail can also be used as a reminder or informational tool. This is perfect for companies not looking to generate short term sales, but rather establish a long-term relationship with their clients. These mailers are usually very personalized and serve the purpose of reminding the client about their relationship. They could be the form of birthday cards or other holiday reminders, or even Newsletters that give that individual a glimpse into the inner workings of your company.

Effective and Efficient – Direct mail is one of the most measurable forms of marketing—you can easily record the number of mailers that are sent out, and use coupons or codes to record response rates.

Not only is it measurable, but it also allows you to easily target your recipients. Unlike other forms of marketing that can hit outside of your target market, direct mail is personalized to the point that you are able to select a geographical target, demographical, or even physiological group.

Therefore, using an integrated marketing approach is guaranteed to increase the conversion rates and increase sales.

Database Management

A database management system is a software platform used to create and manage client databases. DMS, with its’s strategic partners, can offer you leading technology to clean, manage and market to your client base. This process is effective in improving retention and take-up rates.


In today’s busy times, with the digital overload prominent, a well designed and attractive envelope, still has the ability to attract clients.

DMS, will manufacture personalised envelopes, that represent your company’s image and brand.


Our in-house fulfilment section will ensure that all your direct mail communication is finished to perfection, delivered on time and to your satisfaction

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